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Important Information: Consignments

Consignment Policy Updated 9/2/15

The Caboose will only Consign those models that are left at The Caboose for a minimum of 90 days after they are placed into our data base. We will only consign brass models with a retail value of $250 or above. The Consignment Fee is 25% of the selling price. All models consigned at The Caboose are thoroughly examined and serviced by our staff. All minor problems are handled at that time with no additional charge. In the event of a major problem, the Consignor will be notified prior to any work done. The cost of the repair will be the owner's responsibility. We will pay the consignor approximately two weeks from the time the shipment arrives to our purchasing customer. This allows our customers to utilize our 14 day return policy.
On all brass valued at less than $250 retail, The Caboose may make an offer to purchase outright.
This updated Consignment Policy is Effective 10/25/18. All Policies are subject to change without notice.

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