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Recently Announced Projects / Future Models


10/22/19 Some Individual Cars still available... NYC 's  The Pacemaker - two versions  & individual cars.
Expected for Dec 2019 - January 2020, the PRR's 1938 The General and The Spirit of St. Louis in Fleet of Modernism.
(PRR's 1938 Trail Blazer and 1941 Jeffersonian - Here & Gone! Feb. 2019)

8/10/19 Pilot models of the Rio Grande Zephyr and the Santa Fe “Employee Appreciation Special” were reviewed.

JUNE 2019
The UP COLA/COSF M10002/M10004 project are now looking at a Dec 2019 - January 2020 delivery.

We are building the Southern Pacific- 1950's STARLIGHT 9 car set and a many additional cars - do you need more "head-in equipment" ?

The CB&Q 1940 three trains - The Blackhawk - The Aristocrat and the Ak-Sar-Ben are in development - - get your orders in plus lots of additional cars.

The EAGLE is coming - The 1940 EAGLE and the 50's Missouri River Eagle will be coming with The EMD E3's , both in as-delivered and modified paintschemes.

We have decided to build the CB&Q EMD E5's - a very limited production of AB sets will be made - reserve now. (5/6/19 Still waiting on more info)

The CB&Q-C&S-D&FW - TEXAS Zephyr are available from our Dealers and stores - stock is very limited.

We have three new trains scheduled for 2019-20 delivery:
The first one is the Denver & Rio Grande 1971 Zephyr - TCY1700.
This train went into service because the railroad did not join Amtrak in 1971. see the flyer on the TCY website. We will be producing the unique DRGW #253, Steam Generator car made from an Alco PB-1.
The second train is the Santa Fe's "Employee Recognition Special" - TCY0492. This train in 1992 did a round trip from Los Angeles to Chicago and gave Santa fe's employees an opportunity to ride behind their first "Northen class" 4-8-4 locomotive # 3751. Approximately 10 thousand employees rode one of the segments offered. see the flyer under SF Business cars.
The next train is in development. We are announcing the Union Pacific's "1955 Portland Rose" and a number of individual "modernized Heavy weight cars" from the UP re-building program of 1954. Flyer will be coming soon - TCY 1390



9/16/19 New project (2020): UP/NYC/GN Fuel Oil-fired Steam Turbines and UP GE Coal-fired Steam Turbine Locomotives announced for 2020 delivery.
Get reservations in ASAP.

8/9/19 New project (2020): EMD NW-5 (Great Northern, Burlington Northern, Southern, Massachusetts Central, Fort Street Union Depot)
Get reservations in ASAP.

8/8/19 Updated SP AC Cab Forward information.

HOT OFF THE WIRE 8/7/19 The Division Point is formally announcing this project now:
The EMD NW5 was a 1,000 hp unit built by EMD between December 1946 and February 1947.
A total of 13 were produced, 10 went to the Great Northern . Two were delivered to the Union Belt of Detroit  lettered "Fort Street Union Depot" as their #1 and #2. one is still in existence today at the Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum. The final locomotive was sold to the Southern Railway, #2100.
It looks like we will have several versions of the GN paint scheme, another 2 or 3 for the BN (including BN Big Sky Blue), 1 for the Southern, and I'll try to include several of the "one offs" for the other lines that had them.....maybe even the tourist railroad that still runs one! The models (like all future models from Division Point) will be DCC plug and play, the motherboard for the decoder will be installed at the factory. We use a 21 pin connector, so you are ready for the any decoder! Limited availability, I'll have an order sheet up here shortly. Exciting times at Ridgemont High! Check out Dennis Bartholows model here:

6/12/19 NEW DP#s assigned to the latest RS Project due this year. See Hot Off the Wire June 12th, Alco RS/RSD/RSD Hammerhead (Fall 2019)
Get reservations in ASAP.

HOT OFF THE WIRE 5/13/19 Union Pacific #80 (later #8080) Coal Fired Gas Electric Turbine 3 piece set Announced.
This engine was UP's experiment in using coal (which they had a whole state full of in Wyoming) to power a steam turbine. The "Pilot car", was a retired PA-1 which was left with it's prime movers to get it around, but was stripped of its steam generator and had a large Oil tank put in its place. (On the roof!) The coal/steam turbine was housed in the "B" unit and was made from the body of a GN W-1 Electric and housed the 5000 HP coal/gas turbine electric and other components associated with the burning of pulverized coal. The "Tender" was from a UP Challenger 4-6-6-4 and carried about 61 tons of "nugget" sized coal for the turbine, and a pulverizing unit. Quite the impressive rig! Its success was mixed and never copied, and she ran for about 2 years before being scrapped.
Division Point will offer this factory painted engine with DCC/Sound, and we may even throw in some GN W-1 Electrics and a few PA's to boot as we are doing them anyway! I don't have a price guess on these folks as I have to talk with the builder about the complexities of the "B" unit. Prices and DP numbers as soon as I get the word. It has been started and will be delivered in 2020.
ADDED 5/14/29: We are all waiting for the price on these models. It really depends on the "add on" models for the original set. As some of you know, the lead unit was a retired UP PA-1, so there is a chance to do some PA's while we are at it! My short list so far is: UP, D&RGW (3 paint jobs), Espee (2 paint jobs), Eire/EL/Lackawanna, NYC, Southern, and a few others. Very few "A" units ONLY will be made for each road, so let me know what has the most appeal. While we are making extra models, I thought of doing a (very) few more GN W-1 Electrics in both GN paint and Milwaukee (Grey and Black) when they trial ran there. Again, I need your requests to make that happen. As I mentioned, the UP Coal Turbine is a complicated 3 piece set that retailed for about $3000 20 years ago! Figure around $4500.00 for the 3 piece set (there will be as few as I can make to cover reservations).

HOT OFF THE WIRE 5/1/19 SP Cab Forwards announced, AC-7, AC-8, AC-10, AC-11, and AC-12.

FROM HOT OFF THE WIRE dated 4/2/19:
Baldwin DT6-6-2000 Center cabs are in (for the most part) and shipped to most dealers. My apologies for the late shipping to some dealers, Ken and I have both been down for the count for the past several weeks with the "crud" that is actually a pandemic around the world! (yes the Koreans are sick with the same stuff!). We DO have another shipment of Center cabs as yet to be delivered (this week I hope) to cover the shortages from the first run. Ken says we have about 8 left, and I'll have a list out very soon with the unsold models. Don't know the quantities yet, but we will have at least 1 Bluebird Demo, EJ&E Green/Orange, PRR, DSS&P, MN&S, Early Trona, and a Peabody Coal left as I write this. Get your order in...there are no more coming.

We are putting together the RS/RSD/Hammerhead order of Alco Road switchers again. I should have a list up with DP numbers this week, some we will be doing include Eire/EL, NYC Lightning Stripe freight units, the last NYC RS-3's on the Putnam Division, Rock Island with signal box stepover, all of the Hammerheads PRR/LV/WM/C&NW/PC, PRR double Train phone antennas, and single Train phone passenger units, Ex NP BN RS-3's, SP Black Widow (yes Bunky, we are still making these things!), C&NW RSD's and Re-engined RS-m with RS-11 Long Hood, and a few more I have probably forgotten.

We are finally ready to take off with the E/F units combo's I have been talking up for some time. Included will be SP&S E/F, MoPac E/F, Southern E/FP, T&P E/F, KCS E/F and any other road we can document running E's and F's together on a regular basis. On the E unit side, we will finally get to the CB&Q/FW&D/C&S Stainless steel plated E's, some Espee versions, D&LW/EL/Eire E's, and the long awaited D&RGW F-3's and F-7s with the Burnham pilot. Also included, F's for the O&W, NYC, CNJ, and anything else you guys are interested in.
The Jawn Henrys are waiting on decoders to ship and have been invoiced. We are sold out, but as always, may have a cancellation or 2. Give Ken or me a call and I'll let you know what's left. (easy with this project...there is only 1 version!). You can see it run and play on youtube.
While your up on youtube, check out the Pilot model of the C&O "Chessie" M-1 Turbine with sound/DCC and also one of the Center Cab "Bluebird" Demo's with same......pretty cool!

We still have a few K-36/ K-37's left with and without Sound/DCC. Not all road numbers are left, let me know you're wants. We also have an good supply of CONOCO tank cars in all numbers and colors.
Have a couple of exciting projects coming up to tell you about in the next "Hot...." Stay tuned and healthy! Cheers . Jack
GHB International 10/21/19

The GHB International HO RTR DD-1 models will soon be in production.  If you would like to reserve a DD-1 please contact us as soon as possible.  This will assist GHB to figure out the ordering levels for the factory.  This project has taken longer than expected due to the care, details, and functionality applied to these models.  Your patience is appreciated by GHB.
They will be placing advertising in the various model magazines shortly.  These are unique models and most Long Island, Pennsylvania, and other modelers will want to include these electrics in their rosters.  Thank you for your interest. George Barsky

Glacier Park Models (5/1/18)

May 1, 2018 New Annouincement HO PRR T-1 4-4-4-4 loco.
Our models of these Last-of-the-Steam-Powered Pennsy Locomotives should be arriving 'Stateside towards the end of this year...
• Six distinct variants are planned... Each carefully researched and constructed to represent, in miniature, these highly unique locomotives...

• All Factory Painted, of course, and all equipped with Tsunami II ® DCC with Sound and Lights!

• This will be a LIMITED PRODUCTION run of models, constructed to our design and specifications by South Korea's Premier Builder, Boo Rim Precision...

• Each will arrive packaged in a beautiful, newly designed display box with a Certificate of Authenticity included...

Taking Reservations for the O Scale Union Pacific Big Boy, planned for Nov 2019 - May 2020 Delivery. Get your Reservation in ASAP!!!

The O Scale CB&Q Zephyr cars are still expected.


10/29/19 A Notice from Ed at North Bank Line: Since my previous newsletter the NP, SP&S, BN caboose project is nearing completion. Painting and lettering diagrams have been approved and Boo Rim Precision is currently assembling sample models. If all goes as expected (hum … could happen!) these will be approved in November and finished models should arrive right after the first of the year. Reviewing minor lettering variations between otherwise identical cars has resulted in 23 distinctly different cars. The production total is now fixed at 300 models, all but 7 of which are currently presold. I expect to mail invoices to all dealers holding firm reservations after the first of the year.

Some dealers might have noticed the North Bank Line web-site is no longer active. This is because this caboose project will be the last official North Bank Line project. When I started the North Bank Line in 2006 it was with the goal of producing models that either had never been produced before or that had only been produced to a much earlier standard of detail and accuracy. Unfortunately most of the projects I’ve planned have not generated enough orders to allow production to proceed. In some respects this stems from a lack of advertising and dealer participation. Another factor may be changing demand and rising costs. In any case the result is the same. You can’t build models without firm reservations. Thus at this time all previously announced North Bank Line projects are cancelled. Future North Bank Line projects, if any, will be produced on a very limited basis.

OVERLAND MODELS, INC. - Updated 6/15/18

Overland Models is no longer importing brass.


As of April 2018, PSC is no longer importing brass. Other Importers have picked up some of their brass projects.
Their complete Parts and Kit line have been taken over by a company in Washington State.
See info below from the PSC letter to Dealers dated 4/17/18:

The new owners are a family run business and they all are very excited to continue making PSC parts of
the highest quality! We sincerely hope you will continue to support them as you have us for the past 45
Starting June 2018 you can contact the new owners to place your parts orders:
P.F. & S Railway Supply Inc.
560 Ione Road
Pasco, WA. 99301
Phone: (509)528-9711
Fax: (509)266-4375


Hello All,
Hope you are all well. We are going to be sending out a number of pick up notices over the next few months. We expect the Illinois Central trains and extra cars, the Illinois Central, Wabash and SP E units and the 10/6 sleeper projects are all getting close to completion. As some of you may have heard UPS lost our SP Narrow Gauge pilot models. The below note is also posted on our website and explains a change in our shipping policy. 

We have recently suffered a significant loss at the hands of UPS who lost the box containing the SP narrow gauge steam engine pilot models. As we researched ways to further protect against loss from shipments both from Korea and to our dealers, we have decided to purchase a Cargo Policy from UPS Capital, a subsidiary of UPS. Changing carriers was ruled out as the other options were deemed even worse than UPS. Please be prepared for a significant increase in shipping costs billed through to you as we spread this annual insurance premium cost ratably across shipments during the year. 

As always, thank you for your support of our projects. Chuck and Ed.

JUNE 8, 2018
UTI has taken over the long ago announced NORFOLK SOUTHERN HERITAGE Units originally planned by Overland. The models are being produced with details “as delivered”. The entire fleet of twenty one units will be offered, sold individually or as a complete set. Those who commit to a complete set will receive a wood wall display case with brass tags identifying each of the 21 units. The models will be imported in increments of five or six models with an increment being delivered at three to four month intervals. We anticipate delivery of the first increment in mid to late 2019.” These models will be built by Boo-Rim Precision.

MAY 30, 2018
SP Narrow Gauge Project!!!! – The SLIM PRINCESS in HOn3 – by Boo Rim Precision
In this project we will produce all of the motive power from the 1950’s forward including number 8, 9 and the newly restored #18 as well as diesel #1.  We will also produce some select pieces of rolling stock including the number 401 in two versions, the number 12 combine, the water tender tank car and four different freight cars. We know there are many fans of the Slim Princess and we really hope to receive the reservations needed to make this project a reality. There is a list above with the specific versions of each piece we will do. The photos below show some of the versions and there are references to other photos that are available in books and on-line. Please see your dealer and get your reservations in on these. They are critical in making this a reality. 

MAY 2018
Model numbers and descriptions have been added for the SP DH-643 Project. Like always, we will only build to pre-reserved quantities so et your Reservations in!



1. We always deliver and have very competitive pricing
2. In most cases we do not require a deposit at the time of reservation
3. We have a lay-a-way policy
4. We work with our customers as best we can


1. Currently importers are producing enough models to cover their reservations and in many cases no extra models are produced.
2. In some cases only 10 to 15 models of a certain type are being produced.
3. In other cases they may produce more than 100 models but they are quickly reserved. A good example was the Division Point B&M P-4’s.

CALL THE CABOOSE. We may be able to help you make the correct decision regarding future models.

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